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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

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The subject of ‘non-wild Oudh’ was one to make most vendors more than a little uncomfortable – lets be honest here, there are enough ruses to avoid regarding wild Oudh let alone attempting to navigate the even murkier waters of plantation woods. This was very much the case until our release of Fajr.

Fajr changed the landscape and cleared the horizon for both vendors and consumers. Meticulously choreographed by choosing the best trees and systematically cleaning the wood right down to its distillation and curing, Fajr was a true organic Oudh oil where every detail and step was in pursuit of perfection. Infact, it was such an amazing oil that it sold out in a matter of days and then went on to be the No 1 voted oil on the Ouddict blind test; a test where enthusiasts blindly tested Oudh oils for quality whilst detaching themselves from preconceived sentiments and brand loyalties.

As I have said many times before, true Organic Oudh where Oudh is grown with ethical means and labour resources on agricultural and not cleared land without chemicals is very sparse. The few that do exist are incredibly hard to find and unfortunately the term is regularly misused. We can help by supporting the growers, buying their woods, distilling amazing oils and generally educating the wider market to accept this renewable alternative over the lucrative ‘wild’ Oudh available.

Every one of our organic Oudh oils such as Fajr, Anhaar and Hind have rivalled their wild counterparts and punched well above their price mark. For close to a decade we have been involved with organic Oudh at a number of different levels and some organic farms we liaise with have been around for more than 30 years!

Till now our organic oils have predominantly been both single origin and species, originating from Indonesia and the subcontinent. After the success of Fajr (Borneo Organic Oudh) and Anhaar and Hind (Hindi Organic Oudhs) we decided to do a mixed co-distillation of both Kalimantan and Hindi Organic and Wild agarwoods of different species with a ratio of 85% – 15% respectively. Referred to locally as ‘mixed bag’ the hunter collects pieces of wood as he treks through the jungles until he has enough to return back to the market.

The woods were sorted and then cleaned and soaked for a specific number of days to ensure the wood fibres soften to release the best oil from the wood. The wood was then loaded into stainless-steel pots and rather than our stainless steel or copper condensers we employed glass condensers as we had done previously with Fajr to slow down the cooling of steam to avoid the top heavy Indonesian wood notes and have a more balanced top note that incorporates facets of the Hindi.

MEZAAJ transports you to the the centre of green fields where the earth has a smooth sophisticated nutty earth coolness. Neither ethereal nor intense like tiger balm. The fresh woody top note we so love about Indonesian Oudh blooms in – a powdery caress of the nose followed by the hindi notes waltzing in to create vanilla pods and grape molasses layered in cream. A breeze of Ceylon cinnamon freshly ground in a hard wood mortar follows with the swaying dance of black wood honey, melon skin, and hay pollen ending in a robust meditative scent with a bitter dark note, a black hole of oudiness.

As we said with Fajr, this oil is going to puzzle many and it punches levels above its weight class, a testimony to what true craftsmanship can mould –  MEZAAJ is going to blow your socks off and make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about Oudh.



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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.