From: $180.00

From: $180.00


PAPUA NEW GUINEA 2005 An acquaintance of mine was out in the remote highlands driving through the narrow dirt tracks when out from nowhere a wild pig jumped in front of his 4 x 4 and before he could react he found he had ran over it. Unfortunately for him, he was unaware that pigs were sacred to the tribes in that area. As he stopped to check on the pig he could hear angry voices coming from the jungles. He jumped into his Hilux, radioed in to the location he was heading and was advised to jump into the 4 x 4 and drive not stopping for anyone or anything. Carlos drove for 4 hours that night whilst being pursued, for the most part, by angry tribesmen to save his life. To cut a long story short he was ransomed for 10k USD and boarded the next flight out never to return to New Guinea again.

Papua New Guinea is a beautiful place with genuinely beautiful people, however, it is not a place recommended loitering in without a local – you must know the local laws and customs in order to survive. Many are unfamiliar with Oudh in this half of the Island, though the Indonesian side such as Merauke and Jayapura are well-known.

To welcome Ramadhan I am planning to release some rare gems both in oils and woods so you can enjoy something special during this wonderful month.

Oudh from this region is very rare and when it is eventually found it is not very appealing as they are usually recovered incorrectly from the bottom of lakes. These wonderful nuggets from Papua New Guinea were not from bottom of lakes but were sourced from the possession of tribesmen. It is interesting to note New Guinea tribesmen do not generally have an Oudh culture so possessing  these amazing nuggets is a mystery; but one thing you don’t do in PNG is ask too many questions.

Over the years I have come across a number of Oudh batches from PNG but they have never interested me due to the swampy smell they hold due to incorrect handling. These however, immediately caught my attention due to how how solid and resinous they were aswell as their captivating aroma.

If you are fond of Malaysian and Sri Lankan Oudh then this is a cross-fusion of the two regions in the most seamless harmony. Opening with a lovely mango peel note blending with unripe bananas it transitions into a lovely oceanic brightness with a lovely woodiness in the horizon. Lovely wafts of incense unfurl as though you have lit a lovely khaleeji bakhoor. This wood is fragrant and lasts on clothes and hair even after a number of ritual ablutions.

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