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With so much discussion on the price of Oudh, what drives those prices, and its undoubted value, Whilst the discussion will continue back and forth each party trying to justify their position, one thing that is forgotten is the alternative..

Yes, the alternative. One of the most important factors in reducing the price of Wild Oudh is to reduce the demand on it by exploring its alternative; Organic Oudh.

With some Organic trees now aged well into the 30s, consumers must shake off the sentiments associated with wild harvested Oudh, put snobbery aside and give Organic Oudh a fair chance. It is essential that consumers explore Organic Oudh as the pathway to the future of Oudh. Organic Oudh reduces the demand pressure on Wild Oudh allowing more competitive pricing by encouraging competition in planting, harvesting and processing. It also encourages research into the full lifecycle of Organic Oudh, ultimately leading to a better product upon every iteration.

We have invested a lot of time and money in improving the possibilities of what Organic Oudh can offer to the consumer, you tried ANHAAR, then HIND and you enjoyed the variety, class and excellence of these wonderful oils.

Our third organic release; QAMAR – An amazing Hindi oil that boasts the characteristic of some of the finest Hindis’ you would have had the pleasure to sample.  Derived from the Arabic word meaning ‘moon’ The Arabic form contains an inherent meaning that indicates it reflects and is not in its-self a source of light. We selected this name because though this Oil is not in itself wild it reflects the hypnotising beauty of the wild Oudhs of this famous region.

Incense grade organic Hindi Oudh, neither ground nor pulverised but meticulously chopped like the slicing of parsley for tabbouleh. Wood soaked the traditional Hindi way in clay pots and then cooked in the same pots that HUDHAYL was cooked in.   Whilst HUDHAYL – The Oil was the optimum Hindi oil bringing to life the glories of the past and shining light to the future, QAMAR is a reflection of those beautiful qualities.

Showcasing a brute barn top note that projects like a swift breeze debuting the most deep, dark, chocolatey resin that has a sweet ripened fruit undertone. On your second whiff touches of woods, peppery spice, earth and milled leathers. On the third sensual musk and a fresh ambergris rawness that excites the olfactory senses. This oil would simply pass as a prime wild hindi that is exciting, wearable, yet brut enough to hold it’s place as a hindi should.

In 10 years’ time QAMAR will be remembered as a classic within the Organic Oudh scene, and by that time Organic Oudh will be the mainstream, so be a pioneer and experience the future today.

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0.2ml Sample Vial, 2.5ml Glass Bottle