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If you ever wanted to study Oudh properly but never got a chance to – here is the opportunity. One of the most efficient ways to gain insight into any two products is by comparison. In the Oudh community there is no debate more further reaching than that of Organic Vs Wild Oudh, so what better way to learn about the difference than to compare wild Oudh from a specific region with organic Oudh from the same region and have them both cooked in the same way.

SAFAA is our latest offering to the Oudh world. From the Arabic word meaning pristine/lucid, our vision with this project was to illuminate the importance of skilled distillation. It is our dissection of the Oudh distillation; our effort to itch your Oudh intrigues and grant you the tools to make your own judgement.

SAFAA is a Wild Oudh from Borneo with each piece of Oudh having been carefully selected to ensure only wild Oudh from the area makes it to the pot. FAJR is an Organic Oudh from Borneo that was a hit with connoisseurs, collectors and enthusiasts alike. It was even considered an all-round favourite on the Ouddict Blind Oudh test.

This study isn’t just a mere comparison to see the similarities and differences but an open representation of both the future and history of Oudh with you yourself as the judge.

SAFAA was collected from the closest jungles to where the plantation for FAJR was located; Borneo, Kalimantan. Cooked in exactly the same pots with no changes to the setup whatsoever, it was distilled in the very same method. The wood was soaked for 2 weeks to ensure the wood fibres had been softened to realise the best oil from the wood. The wood was then loaded into stainless-steel pots and rather than our stainless steel or copper condensers we employed glass condensers to slow down the cooling of steam to avoid the top heavy notes.

At first scent, tingles of fresh black peppercorn and pine kernels with the slight undertone of camphor, a breeze of nutmeg combining with emerald notes of a distinct Chinese Oudh. There is no heady ethereal note so common to Borneo Oudhs, rather in SAFAA there is the coolness of clove buds, bamboo leaves and spicy vanilla sacks. Then comes intrigue, picture sea salt stored in dry mint with light caresses of myrrh settling into rich spicy woods, tamarind and luxurious Oudh saw dust.

This kit will enable you to appreciate the relationship between the quality of wood and oil as you journey through the multiple layers of olfactory engagement, stimulation and bliss. For every full bottle purchase we will include 0.15gm of Fajr and slivers of both Safaa and Fajr Wood at no extra cost.



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