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Al Shareef Signature Sample Set,

Have you missed out on some of our brilliant Oudh Oils? Are you someone who would like to have a bench mark for artisanal Oudh without spending a small fortune on full bottles?

Here is the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

A limited edition sample set from Al Shareef Oudh specifically curated to allow you to explore artisanal Oudhs of different genres and styles distilled with varying techniques and philosophies; classical, modern, Indian and Chinese. Containing previously distilled classics such as Al Shareef II, Hudhayl and A’meen, alongside more recent Oudh oils such as Fajr that set the market alight and sold out in days. This offering allows those who missed out previously an opportunity to acquires samples for reference. Those newly embarking on the trail of Oudh will appreciate obtaining a benchmark of Oudh from a trusted artisanal house. This curated collection will broaden the olfactory library and understanding of both the beginner and seasoned Oudh connoisseur.

Containing sample vials of 8 different Oudhs , 0.15grm each, the set contains Oudh from Kelantan, Aceh, Cambodia, Assam, North Malaysia, Khagrachari Hills and Borneo. This set explores both wild and organic Oudh that have been distilled utilising a variety of techniques and the highest quality incense grade woods and makes the perfect gift for the discerning collector.

There are only a limited number of these sets and with the price we are offering them at they will not last long.

Explore the world of Oudh at your fingertips.

Al Shareef II – North Malaysia , Advanced Modern Distillation, Stainless Steel

Hudhayl – Assam, Traditional Turtle Neck Distillation, Stainless Steel

Layth – Cambodi/China, Chinese Medicinal Standard Distillation, Stainless Steel/ Glass

Bustan – Mainland Malaysia, Standard Distillation System, Stainless Steel

Fajr – Borneo, Modern Distillation System, Stainless Steel/ Glass

A’meen – Kelantan, Standard Distillation System, Stainless Steel

Anhaar – Khagrachari Hills, Standard Distillation System, Stainless Steel

Aasiya – Aceh, Modern Advanced Distillation System, Double Distilled Stainless Steel and Glass.



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