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Al Shareef Oudh the name associated with artisan perfumery and quality Oudh Oils, Woods and Incenses that transport the beholder back in time. We bring history, excellence and art to the creation of exclusive scents and pure perfume oils. 

At Al Shareef we utilise the finest of ingredients known to man to craft the most exquisite scents for you. We do not leave any stone unturned in our quest to seek the precise ingredient for every unique creation. All our oils are composed from the best natural ingredients that are hand selected by our inhouse experts to the stringent requirements set by Al Shareef himself. 

Our Oudh chips are pure and of the highest quality coming from the depth of the jungles in South East Asia. We are particular in our Oudh sources and only bring forward the highest quality Oudh products. 

We are Leaders in Sustainability 

We also take pride in being a leading force in the sustainability of Oudh so that the future generations can also enjoy this blessing of nature, taking part in some of the largest organic Oudh initiatives in the world. 

We provide the market with a natural, traditional and artisan alternative. We do not wish to become commercial, but to remain boutique and exquisite. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a personal service catered to their olfactory requirements. 

Our long-term initiative is to educate the market through our knowledge sharing, artisan crafted boutique perfumery, Quality Oudh woods and oils. You too can share in the timeless pleasures of our luxury oud oil. Available to buy at our online store, you will find one of the finest collections of quality oils available on the market.

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