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Khulood is perpetuity and continuance. It is immortality.

High material costs, customised distillations and the steep expenditures of research and development have all contributed to the hefty price tags associated with artisanal Oudh Oil. Whilst much effort was exerted on crafting exceptional Oils with little budget restrictions the reality is Oudh was placed on a remote pedestal – prized blends to be sampled apprehensively on occasion with the utmost frugality…

Though there will always be a place in our hearts for the more costlier grandiose blends melded together by the hands of artisans, there is a dire demand in the market for attainable Oudh Oil.

In 2014 behind the scenes we started working on a project in three of our facilities; Borneo, Kelantan and Bangladesh. The aim; to produce wonderful Oudh oils at reasonable prices.

Whilst there were obvious restraints when the budget was tightened we regarded those limitations as challenges, simply hurdles to overcome – and we did.

What were we spending so much time on?

Experimenting with innovative extraction methods on Oudh wood that is otherwise simply too difficult to work with due to the meagre returns it provides. Many distillers would not even risk their resources to cook such wood because it would not provide enough returns.

In fact, we would have responded in the same way…until last month when we devised a method that can expressly get through masses of this type of wood and suck it dry, amassing every minuscule drop of precious Oil.

Picture an Oudh chip in a chamber with steam rapidly passing through both sucking and pushing the oil out of the chip. In simple terms that is what our new setup does; it sucks and pushes the oil out of every portion of wood, producing excellent yields in a short time making what was an otherwise nonviable pile of Oudh viable.  The result is a wonderful oil that is luxuriously rich, it is so complex that the intrigue it creates in the nose has the nose dance trying to work out similarities, “Is this a Thai, Malaysian, Maroke, Cambodian…?”; woody, herbal fruity, balmy and long lastingly sweet – not in steps or phases but an instant presence that encapsulates you.

The raw material was collected and distilled in Kelantan, Malaysia, our other pots in Borneo and Bangladesh are currently bubbling away producing oils from their respective regions using this very method. We are very excited by the results acheived by using this method and the coming oils are all looking very promising…

Take a swipe of Khulood yourself and experience the complexity of the immortal scent that lives on…

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