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LAHDHA – One of the beautiful possibilities that scents create is the bringing of people together – people from different walks of life converge together in an instance. Chinese green tea is drawn, a chink of glass, a sip of Arabic Coffee, a pause. A moment – and everyone listens closely to the beautiful melody of incense.

Collaborating with Kyarazen over the past few months we crafted these divine long-lasting and rich incense sticks. Our vision was to compose an incense that would strike a chord with and be appreciated by both the orient and the middle-east.

Put your scent ears on and listen to this harmonious composition of Musky Ta’ifi Rose, Somali Frankincense, Oudh, Kashmiri Saffron, and Mysore Sandalwood lovingly blended together with expertise and passion.

Each Tube Contains 10 Sticks. Each Stick measures approx 10cm. Average burn time 22min

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