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Established on August the 28th, 1871, the Fritzsche Brothers were one of the leading producers and importers of essential oils in the United States, producing some of the finest essential oils for over a century.

An essence of the east and universally recognised, Sandalwood has always been a rare commodity. Though many are familiar with the comforting scent of Sandal most people have not had the pleasure of experiencing pureunadulterated Mysore sandalwood let alone Vintage Mysore.

We were exceptionally lucky to stumble across this particular bottle of Sandalwood Oil. Toting the original Fritzsche Brothers logo on its side this bottle held a secret gem, an olfactory treasure of bliss – Vintage Mysore. In fact, the Fritzche Brothers’ company continued to use this particular logo until the year of 1952 when it was acquired, making this bottle and its mesmerising content at least 63 years Old.

It is a Sandalwood Oil crafted in a period when Mysore was abundant and distillers took pride in their skill and work. A period where distillers ensured the finest possible raw materials were to be used in the crafting of Oils. From an era where the preparation and then distillation of Sandalwood Oil focused on personifying the actual essence of the scent profile and the quality of resulting oil.

Far from the practices of today Sandalwood was treated with respect. Sandalwood trees that were felled would be allowed to rest for at least six months before they were debarked – allowing for acclimatization to take place and the wood to rest. Once debarked, the trees would be divided into three main sections; the lower trunk/root section, middle trunk, and branches, each section producing its own distinct oil. Oil produced from the branches of a tree would have a darker maple colour whereas Oil produced from mid trunk produced Oil slightly lighter in colour, a pale yellow. The highest quality oil produced from the lower trunk and root section would be nearly transparent with the palest of tints.

Covering the complete spectrum of Mysore profile, this oil is an exotic textural fusion. With all the characteristics of Oil distilled from the lower trunk/root section both in its texture and colour, it is one of the rarest jewels of Mysore available for sale.

On first whiff the olfactory sensors are greeted with a smooth creamy freshness, transitting quickly into a spicy fruitiness with subtle honey sweetness in the background. The Warmth of spice develops into a dusty woody sensuous middle note covered with mandarin peels and cream finally settling into a euphoric creamy buttery warm wood.

This is Vintage Mysore.

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